I'm trying to catch somehow the exception that's coming when the SMTP
server IP address is misconfigured or the SMTP server is not

My problem is that the sending works using the transaction manager.
That means the exception comes after
  File "U:\zope\svn_zope33\src\zope\publisher\publish.py", line 138, in publish
    publication.afterCall(request, obj)
  File "U:\zope\svn_zope33\src\zope\app\publication\browser.py", line 78, in 
    super(BrowserPublication, self).afterCall(request, ob)
  File "U:\zope\svn_zope33\src\zope\app\publication\zopepublication.py", line 
167, in afterCall
That means I don't have a big chance to catch it in my app.

Using queuedDelivery might be a solution, but I still don't have too
many chances to give feedback of the error.

There is a IMailErrorEvent, and IMailSentEvent but they don't seem to
be used. Obviously they would be fired in the middle of tpc_finish.

Any ideas, pointers?

Best regards,
 Groszer Adam
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