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Jim Fulton wrote:

Log message for revision 73922:
This file is a recipe for bad releases

D zope.testing/trunk/setup.cfg

I am asking for a resolution here, do we want this file in svn for other packages ?

No, IMO, and since I am the primary maintainer of zope.testing, my opinion counts here. :)

In my experience I found this file is not required.

Worse, it's potentially harmful.. If you forget it's there, you could end up releasing something with a version number other than what you expect.

The only use case for which it is needed is using easy_install to install an egg directly from subversion. In understand that some people want this, especially for unstable projects. For stable projects, like zope.testing, I think it is more trouble than it's worth.

To make a release with svn revision number
just get the number from 'svn info' and copy-paste it in setup.py, then 'buildout setup . sdist'

Oh, you don't even need to do that. You can get the version # included automatically using the -r option to egg_info, as in:

  python setup.py egg_info -r sdist

Or, to also include "dev" in the version #:

  python setup.py egg_info -rb dev sdist

I agree with Jim says in the log message.  Yes, it's YAGNI !

I wouldn't object if it was just a YAGNI. It's a source of potential mistakes. YOu have to either remember to remove the file before a release or remember a special command-line incantation to defeat it.


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