Hi Jim. I've got a couple clients and servers that I am trying to move into a buildout in the next few days. Good timing!! Many thanks for this.


Jim Fulton wrote:

Recently, I've been working on a project that uses twisted. I created a distribution of twisted that installs with easy_install and buildout. The project name is "zc.twisted" and the distribution can be found at:


I hope not to maintain this over the long run, as there is work by folks in the Twisted project to create setuptools-friendly distributions of Twisted.

The zc.twisted distribution includes all of the twisted packages included in a checkout and doesn't build any extensions. I have the impression that none of Twisted's extensions, which are optional, affect us significantly. If anyone knows this to be incorrect, please let me know what extensions are important and I'll update the setup.py to build them. Otherwise, I'm too lazy to bother. :)

My project only uses a few of the twisted packages.


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