Does it make sense to tag and release 3.4.0a1 eggs now? I would say so.

I think we should

* tag each individual project
* update the svn:external on each project to point to the 3.4.0a1 tag of
  the Zope3 tree
* update each project's
* create an egg
* upload an egg

Martin Aspeli provided a script based upon which we can probably automate a lot of those steps. I'm willing to look into this, if the consensus is to ahead with this. Note that according to setuptool's version semantics, '3.4.0a1' is a more recent version than '3.4dev':

  >>> from pkg_resources import parse_version as v
  >>> v('3.4.0a1') > v('3.4dev')

That means easy_install will consider the alpha eggs more recent than any dev egg, which seems logical.

Oh, and I'll need upload rights to :).

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