Ignas Mikalajunas wrote:
 Hi, I have accidentally tried upgrading from Zope3.3 branch checkout
 to Zop3.4 eggs,

How you are doing this? can you elaborate?

 and it seems that at least:

 <include package="zope.app" />

 instead of throwing a deprecation warning (the way switching to
 Zope3.4 branch does IIRC) just stopped working.

An egg based release is different from zpkg based release.
In this case to get the proper warning you require more packages like
'zope.app.zcmlfiles', which are available as eggs.
When working with eggs, there should be some mechanism to glue these
eggs together, using zc.buildout is a good solution for that.

 Is there something wrong with my setup or will this way of upgrading
 things just not work? I can migrate Zope3.3 zpkg -> Zope3.4 zpkg ->
 Zope3.4 eggs.

So, to change from zpkg based release to an egg based one, applications
need to undergo some change in it's way of developing it.
For example, if you want to use use zc.buildout, you can also use recipes
like zc.zope3recipes, zc.recipe.filestorage, zc.recipe.testrunner etc
for building and deploying a Zope 3 application. These recipe doesn't support
anything like package-includes by default.
Please see this for an example:

 Just that naming Egg release 3.4 seems a bit unfair, as
 one would expect 3.4 to be backwards compatible with 3.3.

Well, what about creating an egg which lists all packages in Zope 3.4 as
dependencies ? I think it will be useful for those who changing from
zpkg based release to egg based release for development.
In fact I have created one egg like that for my convenience:
If anyone else want this, I can upload this to Python's cheeseshop.

Baiju M

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