kit BLAKE wrote:
2007/4/19, Martijn Faassen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
Hi there,

I just tracked down what I believe is a bug in the Zope 3 page template
engine. I didn't know it was a bug in the Zope 3 page template engine as
I was tracking down a bug in Silva with Zope 2.10, which of course uses
the Zope 3 page template engine. For the proposed solution, see the
bottom of the mail.

Let's consider the following code fragment:

<img tal:replace="structure python:'foo'" tal:attributes="title
python:'bar'" />

In Zope 2 before Zope 2.10, this line works without error. The
tal:attributes line of course is pretty useless, as the whole img tag
gets replaced anyway, but it doesn't bail out with an error.

But those attributes *do* work. If you call that image without the
attributes, it won't have a title attribute. If you keep the tag as it
is, it will have a title attribute.

You are right, I just verified this. I was wondering about this yesterday, but in some cases I went through in Silva seemed to have a duplication only - the underlying Python code appeared to be doing the same as the ZPT, so the ZPT was redundant. I may have missed some cases though and I should've checked with an older version of Silva.

This might also be a good occasion for a new Zope 2.10 bugfix release.
Silva is running into this currently, though of course now that we know
what the cause is we can work around it.

Just please keep the attributes working with replace :-)

Yes, definitely. I hope the fix I am proposing still does this, but I need to verify this. I will add a test that actually tests this.



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