Martin Aspeli skrev:
Peter Bengtsson wrote:

Will the grok effort yield any codegenerating scripts and stuff like
the django folks have?
If not, I have some ideas that I could maybe contribute with at/for
the next sprint even :)

Code generation sucks. :)

(I know it is late to participate in this thread, but I am reading up on grok.)

I used to have the above opinion too. But I have changed my mind.

A good framework will get you up and running with as little resistance as possible.

But actual real-life projects will often need a lot of files, configuration and settings.

So you might start out mean and lean, but after you are done fixing all the little special cases and customizations, you will still have a lot of code.

If all that code you end up with anyway is automatically generated, it will have an educational effect on the community. A "Code by Numbers" effect where you fill in code in the obvious slots.

Just see how easy it is to check out other peoples AT based code in Plone. Simply because everyone are acustomed to the structures and conventions.


hilsen/regards Max M, Denmark
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