On 4/20/07, David Pratt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I am not sure why there are two resources for obtaining eggs myself, not
sure if it is because pipy gets busy. Should the default be pipy or will
this slow buildouts? Maybe all packages could be put there in any case
even if primary dependency link for zope packages is download.zope.org.

Performance is certainly one reason; PyPI gets its share of aggressive crawlers.

Another issue is that PyPI isn't all that interesting for deploying
production applications; we need to be able to rely on getting the
same set of releases when re-deploying, and we can't do that if
someone else is able to hide/remove releases (or the associated
downloads), so for longer-term reliability, we all need to maintain a
repository of at least the things we expect to be able to get again.

pipy already has the infrastructure for some proper searching and
management for package maintainers - so not sure that the wheel needs to
be invented.

For one, "setup.py register" shouldn't always hide other releases; it
should be possible to configure that on the client side.  Yes, it's
possible to have multiple releases visible now, but PyPI makes it
unnecessarily tedious.


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