Jim Fulton wrote:

On Apr 20, 2007, at 1:32 PM, Sidnei da Silva wrote:

P.S. Visibility of Zope 3 extensions would be increased greatly if we
could have an overview page per extension on zope.org somewhere. It
would of course include the canonical download link as well. I think we
can accomplish this relatively quickly with a fairly low-tech project,
but we need a volunteer. Anyone?

Sort of like cheeseshop? BTW, why aren't the Zope packages on
cheeseshop to start with?

Many of the zope packages have been minimally eggified. I personally don't want to see packages appear in the cheeseshop until their meta data has been filled out and have documentation that either shows up in the cheeseshop or is linked from there.

I think we can make a good 'worse is better' argument here and say that having *anything* on the cheeseshop is better than having nothing at all. It's like test coverage - even imperfect test coverage is generally better than no tests at all. This applies in particular to Zope 3 extensions - I can imagine we want to do a bit more work before we put the zope 3 core packages on there.

I would therefore encourage people to upload their Zope 3 extensions to the cheeseshop, even if the presentation isn't optimal. One way to improve the cheeseshop entry is to get more contributors, and the cheeseshop is a good way to inform people about the very existence of the package, and the lowest-barrier way to start using the package in your own project. I'd already been working with z3c.widget if it'd been on the cheeseshop, for instance.

[technical reasons why the cheeseshop isn't ideal]

I think the cheeseshop is fundamentally limited in the way packages are presented. That makes sense, as sophisticated presentation is not really what the cheeseshop is about. We can get a long way using restructured text and so on, and I certainly don't want to discourage anyone from doing this. I would however also like to present Zope packages in a Zope branded layout, and for large packages, on multiple pages.



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