Hi all. This circumstance highlights the need for backup distribution and the availability of the packages. This was touched upon in the more recent discussions about the cheeseshop - even as a backup to the download site. Whether it is a permissions issue, site down or other potential issue, folks are soon to become dependent on more frequent requests to download.zope.org to pick up eggs.

I don't doubt for the reasons previously identified, that pipy doesn't have its flaws - or that there are not other compelling reasons to not release eggs to pipy. At the same time, probably the folks responsible for the distribution machinery don't want additional pressure if things stop working - and developers will not want there developmental buildouts breaking as an alternative. Is it possible to move forward with pipy as a backup? Many thanks.


Baiju M wrote:
Baiju M wrote:

Christian Theune wrote:

 Am Sonntag, den 22.04.2007, 15:11 -0400 schrieb Benji York:

> David Pratt wrote:
>> Any idea what is happening with the site?
>> Getting distribution for zope.app.zptpage Error: Can't download
>> http://download.zope.org/distribution/zope.app.zptpage-3.4.0a1.tar.gz:
>> 403 Forbidden
> That file isn't world-readable. scp (appears to be) using the file
> permissions as they are on the uploading file system. We need
> some way to guarantee that the resulting permissions are such that
> files placed in /distribution/ will be accessible. (Someone who
> has sudo on that machine will have to fix those permissions, I
> can't.)
> A chmod in a cron job is the best idea I have. Others?

 Gnarf. Right. That's my fault. My personal settings are user/group
 readable on my machine and scp blindly takes over those files.

 IMHO tweaking the masks on the target system could help, but I have
 no idea.

Can anyone fix the permissions of these packages in server.
Or should we release '3.4.0a1-1' ?

 >>> from pkg_resources import parse_version
 >>> parse_version('3.4.0a1') < parse_version('3.4.0a1-1')

btw, some packages are not tagged:


I have compiled a list of eggs to be created in 'releases/eggs-to-created.txt' now.

Sorry, the file is here now: releases/eggs-to-be-created.txt

Baiju M

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