Martijn Faassen wrote:
 Baiju M wrote:

> I have created completely deprecated packages' 3.4 eggs and
> uploaded to . Since we have nothing
> else to do with that, I think that is Ok. I also found the final
> release of zope.testing in Python's cheeseshop. I am not aware of
> any other packages.

 So if I understand you correctly, the 3.4 packages only exist for
 packages that have been deprecated, and you think this is all right
 because we're unlikely to change these packages before the 3.4
 release? Or do you mean the removal of these packages is ok? I can
 read what you wrote either way. :)

I meant the first one, i.e., "we're unlikely to change these packages
before the 3.4 release" . I did like that based on an earlier discussion:

 Anyway, whatever you meant, I consider the current situation to be
 confusing. The rule should be never to upload packages of a version
 newer than what we're actually going to release next. I would
 therefore still request the 3.4 packages to be removed.

I have no objection for removing those eggs, but I don't have
permission to remove those eggs from

Baiju M

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