Hi Michael

> Subject: Re: [Zope3-dev] Re: WebDAV Future


> > zwebdavext.zopelocking, zwebdavext.zopefile - extensions
> This I like, but renaming zwebdavext -> zwebdavapp :-) This 
> allows a clearer seperatation between the protocol components 
> and the application components, which is what want now that I 
> think about it.
> For example zwebdavext.zopefile isn't really an extension but 
> more integration code for zwebdav and any application which 
> uses zope.file. Then in the future I can hopefully get to 
> work on zwebdav.dasl, zwebdav.acl etc. which are extensions 
> to the protocol and hence should belong in zwebdav with more 
> coresponding integration modules in zwebdavapp.

Why this complex naming? I really like to see a namespace package
called z3c.webdav and use sub packages like:


If this doesn't fit for distribution, buildout or eggs,
or other things I missed, why not:


But anyway that's up to you, I'm sure you will do it right and 
I like your work anyway ;-) 

Sorry if I missed something, I didn't read all the full thread.

Roger Ineichen

> Thanks,
> Michael
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