Hi there,

now there those wonderful eggs for Zope 3. Apart from the permission problem we ran into lately there is another one with those eggs:

The dependencies aren't set right.

Apparently nobody every ran the tests of those eggs. This is no wonder. When developing you need to checkout Zope 3 instead of the egg source. The Zope 3 tests would pass of course since everything is in place there.

I think we should move the actual code to the eggs as soon as possible and put the externals into the Zope 3 source. Otherwise nobody ever will run the egg tests.

Also we need to take care of depending on certain versions. For instance zope.location required a recent version of zope.proxy (>3.3). And it's definitely better to say "I need >3.3 but can't find it" during buildout than "zope.proxy has no module named decorator" somewhere when starting the application.

So, how do we get out of this? :)

Christian Zagrodnick

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