I'll note, mostly in passing (drive by :) that overriding utilities, adapters, security setting and many other things, works pretty well and has for a long time. What doesn't work well is disabling things or dealing with things, like subscribers that can't be overridden, because they never conflict. In practice, this usually doesn't matter because, elegance aside, there usually is no harm in having extra configuration. Of course, there are times when it does matter, and I think we need something to help in those cases.

I do think that Leonardo makes a valid point that factoring configurations might work just as well. If we had a way to disable configuration, say with a tagging system, then people would have to anticipate selective reuse by providing appropriate tags. At this point, you might as well just factor the files. Some of the proposals for configuration disabling didn't require explicit tagging but could use existing properties of configuration.


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