> I saw you submit two issues that sounded the same. Are they?
These are different things but all are somewhat connected
with Retry exception.
In fact I've submitted three issues. Not sure which
you consider same?

I was working on cxoracleda to add handling for
some oracle errors and I found it is impossible
because of two Zope bugs. I've written a test for one
of these bugs, but I found this is not possible to run
this test because of a bug in functional test suite. So
in summary I have 3 bug reports:

1. Bug in zope.rdb that causes all errors from rdbms adapter
to be catched what is wrong as Retry and ConflictError exceptions
should be propagated.

2. Bug with handling Retry exception when using views.
In short publisher doesn't retry requests after a Retry exception but
raises NotFound exception instead - this is only when using views.
This issue might be a critical one as Retry and ConflictError
exceptions are very important part of zope transaction machinery.

I don't know where exactly this bug is located but there is a workaround
mentioned in my bug report and also I've written a test
that shows wrong behaviour. Unfortunatelly this test first fails
because of a bug in functional test case (described below) and only after
fixing functional test case it shows real problem with Retry and views.
So in fact my test reveals two bugs at once.


3. Bug in functional test case
Functional test case doesn't handle Retry exceptions properly:

Maciej Wisniowski
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