hm, the problem here is that with this approach we end up having eggs with different version numbers and exactly the same code in it

it would then be better to have such a meta-egg but with deps like zope.interface-1.1, ....

so the zope release would be something like a linux distribution, with different versions of deps.

so for 3.4 this would be too early, because it will not be a egg release, but don't think that it is a good idea to have the same version number for every egg.

regards, bernd

On 03.05.2007, at 11:20, Christian Theune wrote:

In a small side note: I still don't know how we recommend using the eggs in a way that says "I want the egg-version of Zope 3.4.0" and the users
gets those eggs (and only those) that are synchronised satellites and
have "3.4.0" as their version number.

Maybe a meta-egg that would introduce the dependency of "zope.xx==3.4.0"
as their dependency would allow that to happen because if this gets
involved in a working set then the synchronized satellites would be
restricted to the exact version.


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