Hi. I'm really wanting to do more with twisted in zope. One thing that would make this much easier is to have a means of getting hold of the twisted multiservice following startup as opposed to using a different main.py (as I have been) to allow the other services to be added, started or stopped at, or any time following startup.

There are use cases for starting and stopping particular services (a short interval) also. An api should be flexible enough to add other clients and servers to the mix.

Right now there is no way of getting the multiservice from the current main script. What is needed is a class that could be given this object so that there is a means to access it directly in an app. The multiservice is an important object from the standpoint of being able to start, stop, or add other services to the multiservice (from other packages) even after the main zope startup. A small api for determining what services are part of the multiservice and methods to add or remove services from the running reactor could be added (since these methods are available in twisted).

I am hoping by bringing this up that there may be some discussion on how best to accomplish this. I know that Jim has communicated recent interest in a twisted version of ZEO. I share the goal of having a secure transport between clients and servers, however there are many more opportunities for twisted in zope. Being able to access the multiservice is important to this. Many thanks.

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