On 5/3/07, Tres Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
When a truly egg-based Zope3 ships, it should be a meta-egg with
explicitly-versioned dependencies.

That seems right to me.

Approximating that in tree would be to have the Zope3 tree point at
*tagged releases* of the satellite projects;  revision-stamped versions
are a poor (but acceptable in the near-term) substitute.

That sounds reasonable to me.

Tracking the
trunk of any dependency is not acceptable:  it undoes the reason for
moving the projects out-of-tree in the first place.  If we aren't going
to do release management on the pieces, then for sanity's sake keep them

Again, that sounds reasonable to me, but since I've disclaimed caring
about the Zope 3 conglomerate checkout/release, I'll not push my
thoughts on that on those who do.  You're certainly welcome to make
the right decision on your own.  ;-)


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