Hi everyone,

I've got to shift the beta release until tomorrow evening.

I got pretty far moving the code out of the Zope 3 tree, but the app
namespace is just too large for right now and I don't want to let my
script run without me sitting next to it in case it goes berserk on the

56 packages to go through the script and about 10 that I need to handle
partially manually because of a missing project area.

After that I'll create 3.4.0b1 tags for all those new satellites and
update the trunk of the Zope3 tree to use that as the external
reference. Then I'll release the trunk as 3.4.0b1.

As the release manager for 3.4 I'll take care to move the currently
extracted eggs into a stable shape for the final so that all packages
that the 3.4 release uses as an external are available with a stable
version number (most times this will be 3.4).

After that, each egg is on its own. ;) 


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