Benji York wrote:
I don't recall seeing automated Launchpad bug reports being emailed to zope3-dev, and couldn't find any with a quick search of my archive. Am I missing something, is this broken, or perhaps was it decided that such emails were undesirable?

If by "zope3-dev" you mean this list, then I don't think it was desirable. We never had this before, which is probably why it wasn't done after the switch.

If by "zope3-dev" you mean the Launchpad team (the Zope 3 developers), then I believe that the team is notified by email, which means all its members are notified. I certainly get every bug email from Launchpad.

A quick check revealed that you don't appear to be a team member. I would've changed that except that Launchpad seems to know two Benji Yorks :/. So why don't you apply for the membership in the "zope3-dev" team and I'll approve you right away :)

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