On 5/23/07, Stephan Richter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Thinking about it more, it would actually be backward-compatible, since we
never released the packages in themselves but always as part of the Zope 3
bundle. Also, even the packages that are not hooked in via zope.app.zcmlfiles
are added via the automated SETUP.cfg stuff. At least this is the official
story right now. :-)

"Official story" doesn't mean a lot to me these days.  I think of
individual ZCML files as interface points: someone might reasonably be
using them directly (unless the filename starts with an underscore).

I hope it is avoidable with the above insight.

Again, if you think there's an official story that involves
*requiring* people to rely on those nasty slug files, you're deluding
yourself.  We've always maintained that those are "convenience" (for
some definition of "wouldn't you like to shoot yourself in the

Really? That would be a pitty, because it would allow us to have one release
with the old and the new way, so the first people can migrate.

Would be a pity, yes, but it'll never happen if we keep changing it.


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