Stephan Richter wrote:
On Wednesday 23 May 2007 12:24, Fred Drake wrote:
"Official story" doesn't mean a lot to me these days.  I think of
individual ZCML files as interface points: someone might reasonably be
using them directly (unless the filename starts with an underscore).

But you are describing the internal ZC thinking here, certainly not something that has been widely or publically communicated. There are very few people out there using eggs.

Perhaps that should change? :)

I'm quite concerned that the "use-the-eggs-as-needed" approach, taken to its full potential means no synchronised releases and ultimately degrade the "library user experience" (how do you know where to start? how do you know what works with what?) for those not already experienced with Zope 3.

However, eggs are great. They make it much easier to manage your dependencies. Things like entry points and egg script wrappers are very powerful. The Cheese Shop as a way of making releases is really pain free and much more conducive to making frequent releases. We've embraced eggs in a big way for Plone 3, and found the experience generally very postive.

Most download a release, create an instance and drop the add-on packages in there, some using SETUP.cfg and others creating/copying the slugs by hand.

FWIW, I've found it tricky to use things like z3c.widgets (or more accurately, a part of z3c.widgets, but that's a different story) because there was no egg to find, download and let buildout install for me.


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