our team is working on a books application in zope3 too :)
it's about exposing your bookshelf to other users, find recommendations, reviews,...

http://www.lovelybooks.com / http://www.lovelybooks.de / http:// www.lovelybooks.es

lovely systems is definitely interested in exchanging experience, code,... with you.


On 28.05.2007, at 06:55, Luciano Ramalho wrote:


This is to introduce the Wandering Books GSoC project that is starting
today. Martijn Faassen is the mentor, and I am the student.

Our goal is to implement a full-fledged multi-lingual sample app for
Grok/Zope 3, documenting and extending the framework as needed.

The app to be developed is an engine for http://WanderingBooks.org, a
site designed to make it easy for anyone to turn their personal book
collections into circulating libraries. The engine will e called Kirbi
and will eventually be deployed at WanderingBooks.org (in English) and
Circulante.org (in Portuguese).

WanderingBooks.org currently runs a prototype built with Horde/PHP
which will be replaced by the new Kirbi built with Grok/Zope 3.

Circulante.org will provide the case study for my Library Sciences degree.

More information about the project, in English, can be found here:

Here is the 2007 GSoC application for this project:

And this is the more detailed 2006 GSoC application:
http://code.google.com/soc/2006/horde/appinfo.html? csaid=D26A255891C1C455

I am very excited about the opportunity to work with Martijn and to
contribute to Grok and Zope 3.


Luciano Ramalho
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