[nikhil n]
ZODB shows an error when tested with
I think Python 2.5 unified long and normal integer and this caused
the error.

This is actually due to changes in Python's `struct` module, more
accidentally than not related to the ongoing int/long unification.
Here's a little program:

import struct
x = struct.pack(">Q", 42)
print repr(struct.unpack(">Q", x))

Under 2.4 that prints (42L,), under 2.5 (42,).  ZODB's u64() is a
wrapper around a similar struct.unpack() call, so inherits the same

Is it enough that we add a renormalizer in testrunner.py?

I think it's better to change the specific test that failed; e.g., change the


part to


in the test, and change the expected output to match the new output,
That way the test will pass under all versions of Python, without
anything hidden in magical normalizers.
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