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Recently I had the opportunity to try the new buildouts of two Zope 3 projects, namely zope.tal and zope.fssync. In both, the dependency specification in install_requires looks innocent:





These looks like dependencies that should only pull in a few more packages at most. Unfortunately this is not the case. zope.tal somehow ends up depending on, say, zope.dublincore and zope.lifecycleevent, zope.app.publisher, zope.formlib, and a total of about 60 dependencies. The story is very similar for zope.fssync. You'd not think the basic page template interpreter should have a dependency on formlib.

Do we have a plan for unweaving these dependencies? It just doesn't seem needed that such basic packages pull in so much of zope. Is there a particular dependency that we could surgically alter to minimize this explosion? It'd be useful to start publishing some dependency graphs to identify critical packages. Is anyone already doing this work?



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