I'm trying to see an custom image object with a custom @@index.html
The url of the object is /container/image.jpeg
There is some explanation of base href usage in zope/app/file/browser/url.txt

* If I visit /container/image.jpeg, I get no base href,
and the edit link in my menu appears as /container/@@edit.html

* If I visit /container/image.jpeg/, I get the following base href :
<base href="..../container/image.jpeg">
But this has no effect on the relative links in the page, and
the edit menu link still appears as: /container/@@edit.html
instead of /container/image.jpeg/@@edit.html

I've tried to add a slash in zope/publisher/browser.py:713,
so that the generated base href is:
<base href="..../container/image.jpeg/">

And now the relative links are ok.

Am I wrong or should it be fixed?

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