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Hi. I've tended to use system python against some better advice, but use
but leave it clean since I am using buildouts. This really has had more
to do with the convenience of using the system package tools for
upgrading such as FreeBSD ports system. I've also been experimenting with
CentOS and Fedora Core - so here yum comes into play.

I think the best advice I have got from the discussion seems to be using
a hand compliled python. I am almost at a point of thinking perhaps it my
be best to use cmmi recipe for most system software on a stripped down
server. I already need to patch a compiler and lxml will also only run on
most up-to-date xml libraries so building these seems to make sense to
make sure it does not choke.

...as Jim taught the audience during his Buildout tutorial some weeks
ago in Potsdam: """System Python is EVIL, EVIL, EVIL"""


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