On 03.07.2007, at 20:39, Albertas Agejevas wrote:

Log message for revision 77375:
  Initial version of zc.dict -- a persistent BTree based "dict".


this package matches a use-case we have often, very nice!

just some thoughts

use a BTree.Length object to hold the length, otherwise you will get loads of write conflicts, see also what i have done in zope.app.container this week

there is also a small bug in __setitem__ ... if the key exists, the len is increased without a key being added (note, in my zope.app.container this is not the case because you get a duplication error if this happens)

you should use __setitem__ internaly for update etc, because computing the length of a btree takes very long time, it has to fetch all buckets from zodb. if u use zeo it gets even slower

regards, bernd

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