On Jul 5, 2007, at 9:30 AM, Christian Theune wrote:

Am Dienstag, den 03.07.2007, 10:31 +0300 schrieb Gary Poster:
Christian et al:

What do you want in regards to the zope.app.session changes that rely
on the new package zope.minmax?  Very briefly, the change allows the
simple zope.app.session approach to cause fewer unnecessary write
conflicts.  Is this zope.app.session 3.5dev-rXXX relying on
zope.minmax1.0?  The other possibilities include pushing it back to
3.4 (probably not, but happy to do it), and calling zope.minmax 3.4
or 3.5.

As Bernd said, zope.minmax leads its own (version) life.

Good, that's what we did.

However, did the tree just grow a dependency on zope.minmax as well?

Yes and no. I made a zope.app.session 3.4 branch with no dependencies on zope.minmax. That is what the tree currently uses. The tree also includes zope.minmax as an external; however, AIUI, during a distribution zope.minmax will not be included, so it should not cause you any problems, I hope (zope.bforest was in this boat for awhile, along with other packages I believe).

However, zope.app.session trunk has a dependency on zope.minmax, expressed both in setup.py and DEPENDENCIES.cfg (r77378). So when the Zope distribution trunk switches to zope.app.session trunk, it will (correctly) begin to include zope.minmax in the distribution (and a tree checkout will work).

AFAICT we're still planning to release Zope 3.5 as a classic release.

Right, I asked around about that, which is why we did the DEPENDENCIES.cfg thing for the zope.app.session trunk. Was there something we missed?


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