Am Donnerstag, den 05.07.2007, 09:43 +0300 schrieb Gary Poster:

> > However, did the tree just grow a dependency on zope.minmax as well?
> Yes and no.  I made a zope.app.session 3.4 branch with no  
> dependencies on zope.minmax.  That is what the tree currently uses.   
> The tree also includes zope.minmax as an external; however, AIUI,  
> during a distribution zope.minmax will not be included, so it should  
> not cause you any problems, I hope (zope.bforest was in this boat for  
> awhile, along with other packages I believe).
> However, zope.app.session trunk has a dependency on zope.minmax,  
> expressed both in setup.py and DEPENDENCIES.cfg (r77378).  So when  
> the Zope distribution trunk switches to zope.app.session trunk, it  
> will (correctly) begin to include zope.minmax in the distribution  
> (and a tree checkout will work).
> > AFAICT we're still planning to release Zope 3.5 as a classic release.
> Right, I asked around about that, which is why we did the  
> DEPENDENCIES.cfg thing for the zope.app.session trunk.  Was there  
> something we missed?

No, I missed that the tree grew the external and I understood that when
switching the tree to a newer release of zope.app.session, we'll be


I'm trying to get the beta out of the door now ...

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