On Thursday 05 July 2007 09:43, Jim Fulton wrote:
> Specifically: Should I make it the default policy for buildout to  
> prefer final releases?  I think this is the right thing to do in the  
> long run, however, it will cause buildouts that implicitly use non-
> final eggs to be downgraded.  This will cause some pain until people  
> make adjustments.

I am fine with this change, since I tend to do final releases more frequently 
than others. In other words, I trust my testing and if I did not change 
anything ground-breaking, I usually release a final version quickly. I can 
see that you are using version numbers differently, but that's fine with me 

And for the case that I need the cutting edge, as long as you tell me the 
option to use for getting the latest releases, then I am fine. :-)

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