Stephan Richter wrote:
On Thursday 05 July 2007 09:27, Benji York wrote:
Christian Theune wrote:
I've made the release branch for Zope 3.4, you can feel free to start
introducing changes for Zope 3.5 into the trunk of the tree.
Now would seem to be the time to discuss the fate of the "big tree".  It
is entirely possible to build Zope 3 from eggs only, do we want to keep
the trunk around?

Yes, the recipes are not working well on all platforms yet.

Right, unfortunately. I'll note that I'm not very fond of those instance recipes anyway. I think the whole egg and buildout deployment scheme has redefined what instance means: it's really just a zope.conf + site.zcml. I don't need a recipe to set that up. Especially I don't want a recipe that clobbers together a site.zcml. I hate that configuration file-in-a-configuration file business.

Also, most of the scripts coming with the release do not have recipe equivalents yet. I see that localy did some work, but it is not yet complete.

People trying z3c.formdemo on Windows had no luck, because zopectl does not work on Windows. :-( Also, we still lack a lot of documentation on how to get your project started using the egg-based releases. Downloading a single TGZ was really simple.

Having said that, I think a Zope 3 meta egg would be a good start towards documenting how to build a Zope 3 application using eggs. Also, packages like z3c.formdemo give further help.

Next, I think we need to identify the scripts that we want to support in our recipes.

Actually, we just need to eggify these scripts. Scripts should never contain code. Instead, the code should be somewhere in a package and the script should simply load that package and execute some.package.main() or so. That way we can configure all scripts through entry points. I've been meaning to do that for the scripts you mention below.

Here is a list of the ones that I think are important (from "Zope3/utilities"):


The others are not that important I think. Of course there are several scripts in "Zope3/bin", but I think those are covered by the current recipes as far as I can tell.

Another final issue I see here are the problems we are having with the cheeseshop. I don't think it is ready for the Zope crowd yet. While I think that is used to get the packages, I have found that buildout comes to a halt when the cheeseshop is not working.

I very much agree. The CheeseShop is great, but it could be faster. I think they're looking into "baking" it so that its pages aren't served dynamically every time.

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