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Benji York wrote:
Fabio Tranchitella wrote:
I'd like to know if zserver is a good choice for high loads or if it
deprecated and I should stay with twisted.

We run some pretty high load apps, and we're happy with zserver.

Was zserver disabled only for security reasons?

I don't believe it had anything to do with security.

Nope:  it was disabled because:

Actually, Zope 3 doesn't use ZServer. Never has. It uses zope.server which is a different implementation.

It was made to be no-longer the default server. This was a mistake BTW. My bad. zope.server is still supported.

 - Not many people feel competent to extend ZServer.

 - People thought that using a server maintained by others was better
   than maintaining one ourselves.



I prefer ZServer becuase:

 - It is faster.

We (ZC) have had serious problems with the twisted server in production. We no-longer use it. It may have improved. It's worth noting that the trouble we've had might be due to something we/I did in the integration. :( Chasing this is not a priority of mine.

 - It is less complex.

I'm not so sure about this. Maybe.

 - It got *lots* of attention for real-world scaling issues, and
   is rock-solid stable.

I don't think this is true, or at least not as true as you think it is. :)

The zope.server != ZServer. :( It seems to be working reasonably well, but it is not the same server that has served Zope 2 well for many years.

Not counting Twisted, we are currently supporting 2 servers, ZServer and zserver. :(


Note that the "flavor-of-the-month" is actually WSGI now, rather than
Tsisted (which uses the WSGI support): see Philipp's "zope on a paste"
demo, for instance.

I really wish someone would create some server benchmarks for WSGI so that we could have a more rational basis for evaluationg servers.


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