Tres Seaver wrote:
Point me at an existing source release, and I'll be happy to generate corresponding windows eggs.

I made windows eggs for the latest version of zope.interface that's in pypi.
Great. So we have zope.interface and zope.proxy and there'll be no need for zope.thread. Which leaves us with:

Are you asking that Windows folks run using these alphas as binaries?  I
don't quite see the benefit.

So I guess you don't see the benefit of releasing Windows binaries for alpha and beta releases.

I realize that those aren't final releases, but they (most probably) haven't changed significantly after these releases were made, which would make it a waste of time if I had to tag and tarball them just for the sake of a different version ID.

Doing proper release management can't reeally be called a waste of time
(that would include documenting exactly what *has* changed).

Right. *Proper* release management. I believe we have a volunteer release manager for that and for Zope 3.4 it's not me.

Again, what kind of Windows user are you expecteing (wanting) to test these 

People who want to try out Zope 3.4 on Windows, in particular those who want to try out Grok, the buildout instance recipes and Zope-on-Paste on Windows.

We've done some Zope 3.4 alpha and beta released, why shouldn't we make Windows eggs for those so that people can actually *try* them before a final release?

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