Hello Everyone

We are trying to implement a dynamic tree with zope.app.tree.
We want to fetch a list of objects from a database and display them [as a link for example]. When this object is selected, we want to fetch the children an display them.

We haven't been able to find any example save the browser/cookie.py of the zope menu which seems to use a static tree implementation. It also relies on the fact that the displayed objects are persistent in the ZODB. If we had to prefetch all the potentially displayed objects for the 5 levels we wish to traverse, it could lead to truely many objects.

We've tried to implement adaptors for the IChildObjects interface but we are not sure how to tie them into the system.
But maybe that's the wrong approach anyway.

Could someone point us to a usefull How-To or in the right direction?


        peter fuereder

Peter Füreder

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