Hi Roger,
hi Stephan,

may i have found a little error in z3c.formui:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/Projekte/dev_Zope_trunk/inst03_small/lib/python/z3c/formui$ 
svn diff table-form.pt
Index: table-form.pt
--- table-form.pt   (Revision 78414)
+++ table-form.pt   (Arbeitskopie)
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@
                 <div class="error"
-                  <span tal:replace="structure widget/error"> error </span>
+                  <span tal:replace="structure widget/error/render"> error 

without .../render in my html-source there is only a:
<div class="error"><ErrorViewSnippet for IpValidError></div>

with the render method in table-form.pt:
<div class="error"><div class="error">IP-address not ok</div></div>

in  div-form.pt that seems to be ok.

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