On Aug 15, 2007, at 10:34 AM, Tres Seaver wrote:
We badly need to get a handle on how we expect people to fetch eggs for packages: having such a refactoring affect an indirect client (one not
expecting to track day-to-day development) is a disaster.

I'm not sure disaster is the word I'd use, but in general, I agree.

Dumping revision-stamped (unreleased) eggs into a directory used by
unsuspecting users is a recipe for bringing *all* development to a
screeching halt.

Yeah, I need to release the buildout changes that makes buildout prefer released eggs.

Note that in this particular case, the real problem was circular imports. Circular imports create bugs that are hard or impossible to test for. I'd love to outlaw them. I wish we at least had a tool to warn about circular imports when testing.


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