while looking at the dependencies of packages in the zope.* namespace at gocept we found out that zope.sendmail depends on zope.app.component. zope.sendmail needs zope.app.component.vocabulary.UtilityVocabulary to define a vocabulary for the utilities implementing zope.sendmail.interfaces.IMailDelivery.

So we'd suggest to move zope.app.component.vocabulary.UtilityVocabulary out of the zope.app.* namespace because it is a generic vocabulary. Possible places for UtilityVocabulary could be zope.component (because the concept of utilities is defined there) or zope.schema (because the concept of vocabularies is defined there). zope.schema seems to be the better place because zope.component does not depend on zope.schema yet. zope.app.component then can import UtilityVocabulary from the new place to avoid deprecation.

Any thoughts?

Yours sincerely,
Michael Howitz

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