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On 24.08.2007, at 15:12, Stephan Richter wrote:

On Friday 24 August 2007 02:37, Christian Zagrodnick wrote:
The term "skin" is probably missleading but was taken to keep it
simple. It's more an "api-set".

Then don't use it! Misusing a concept can lead to a lot of confusion.

it's misleading for me as well :)

Usecase: Different API on the same server

We have a lot XML-RPC methods defined for ISite which get all their
data in. This is quite unlike one would register XML-RPC mehtods
normally, but the clients using the interface are not sophisticated

Now there are different "systems" talking with Zope. The systems have
some things in common, some not. One systems calls a method, say
list_foo anonymous, while another needs to authenticate for list_foo.

The idea is now to register list_foo for different
layers/skins/api-sets. This could also be achieved by creating dummy
model-objects and/or traversers, but would be much less understandable.

What essentially happens is that the views are registered for different
request types.

You can solve this issue easily using pluggable traversers. There is
absolutely no need to use skins here. For example, a traverser plugin can simply mark the request with a directly provided interface and return the same object. This would work very much like a skin without mis- using the

for me xmlrpc is remote procedure call. a rpc has a signature and always the same result. and as stephan said - traversers should help here.

Usecase: Authenticate Users depending on the skin

As i said before there are different systems which need to
authenticate. The systems have disjunctive sets of users with
potentially the same login names. There needs to be a way to
authenticate without guessing which set of users we're talking about.

This could also be achieved by a custom traverser or namespace.

Then use a custom traverser, please!? :-)


It probably would not be much of a problem to remove the skin things
again and put it directly to the project or another third-party
component. But it doesn't feel right.

Please revert the skin support again. This is a pretty major change and I gave a -1 on the original discussion already. There was never a full proposal

-1 from here as well.


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