On 2 Sep 2007, at 07:23 , Baiju M wrote:

 The tarball Baiju uploaded this afternoon is broken. I wanted to
 upload a fixed one, but it turns out I don't have permissions on
 PyPI. I already tried pinging Theuni and Baiju about this, but no
 response so far. I'm CCing them and Jim now, hoping one of them can
 give me access to PyPI.

Sorry, I forgot to add CHANGES.txt to svn while making source egg.
Now I have uploaded a new egg to PyPI and download.zope.org


BTW, do we need to upload eggs to http://download.zope.org/ distribution/
any more ?

I don't see much reason to upload things there, now that PyPI is acceptably fast for zc.buildout and we have the ability to mirror. The flat page may be great for setuptools, but it makes discovery by humans much harder.

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