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Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> On 4 Sep 2007, at 20:07 , Tres Seaver wrote:
>> Perhaps we need to think of the "known good" set as a "PyPI subset",
>> which is maintained in the same way that the various Debian distro  
>> lists
>> are:  they may end up pulling packages from the same "pool", but they
>> don't expose versions / packages which have not been "opted in" to  
>> the set.
> That seems to suggest you would put the definition of the working set  
> in the hands of the package index. In other words, give setuptools or  
> zc.buildout a "stripped down" view of PyPI in which only the working  
> set shows up.
> The question is how to maintain this. You'd really want to maintain  
> this within an egg. So PyPI would have to expose the dependency  
> information (I don't know if it does that over the XMLRPC API) so  
> that you could build the working set information from that.

I don't care whether it is in an egg, or just in a manifest which drives
a script which updates the subset page.

> The advantage of such an approach would be that it would work with  
> existing tools.

Setuptools already supports the possibity of overriding the 'index_url';
 maybe the "meta" egg would just override that to point to the subset page.

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