I fully agree that such eggs should not have been released into the wild. It is just that, down here in real-life, these eggs *have* been released, and their versions *have* been nailed (not nailing the versions of *all* eggs means saying goodbye to the idea of reproducible buildouts).

By deleting a released egg (as opposed to superseding it with a "good" version) one potentially creates a lot of pain for a lot of people.


On 19. Sep 2007, at 16:21, Tres Seaver wrote:

- -1.

Another implication: eggs which have '-r[0-9]+' in them should *never*
be released to any location where they might be found by anyone not
explicitly requesting them. Specifically, this means the cheeseshop as
well as any public 'find-links' or 'index-url' location.

Nobody should ever "nail" a dependency to such an egg without taking
responsibility for hosting it themselves. Frankly, anybody who *wants*
such an egg should instead be using a checkput + 'setup.py develop',
instead;  anything else is an invitation to disaster.

Anything that happens, happens.  --Douglas Adams

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