In z3 I like the fact that you are explicit about what you want to configure together. I also like buildout and eggs quite a bit and I believe there may be a way to bring these two facets of zope together.

I am have been thinking that it should be possible to extend buildout to the class level. The idea is through the application of decorators and methods to your classes, views, subcribers, adapters, you are configuring your code. The new functionality in buildout would autogenerate the configuration files in a similar way that site.zcml is generated.

Unlike grok, there is no magic since you must still be explicit in your code. zcml is left on the filesystem so you are able to inspect it. As you develop, you worry only about python with decorators and methods. You would rerun the buildout option with a module argument much like you run a test on a module. As you develop to register the new components. Deregistration could also be done in a similar way removing a modules zcml registration.

In the buildout style, recipes would we used to provide the decorator functionality and methods. I can see there being some evolution of generic functionality as has been occuring with the many recipes out there now. I realize buildout is a generic tool but would this sort of extension be of interest? This may not be that difficult and something that I like is that it could be incrementally added to your classes to phase out manual configuration as manual and autoconfiguration could live together. The other upside is that it would be completely optional how you wished to configure. I think zc.buildout is the place for this.

Many thanks.

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