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> Heads up,
> Please review this proposal.

OK. I have to admit that I don't fully understand it.

> This proposal describes a way to make the usage of such built in views 
> optional.

"Such built in views" means what? "Optional" how? And why?

"The additional component.zcml could be used to include only component
related configuration whitout the view parts defined in the
browser.zcml. Because the browser.zcml get's included from the
configure.zcml but not from the component.zcml"

OK, I understand what you want to do: Start the practice of having
views in one zcml and components in another, so you can include only
the component one if so desired. I don't understand why, though.

"Right now it's not possible to use another layout pattern without to
support zmi_views and zmi_action and it's menut item pattern. The
views defined in all packages also require the use-macro, fill-slot
pattern which is not what we allways whant. Right now there is no
option to get rid of this patterns except to duplicate packages and
replace existing views."

That's what you will have to do anyway. Because if you don't include
the views, you will have to replace them in another package. And you
can override them in another package already...

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