We have another case of faulty released eggs.

I reviewed the first that popped up for me, which was

  - someone uploaded a stable 3.4.1 egg, but this is just a snapshot
    from the trunk, there is no tag for this release.

  - the egg does not contain data files correctly. unpacking the egg
    misses the zcml files.

  - the 3.4.0 egg is invalid as well as the zcml files are missing too

I did:

  - create a tag for the brown-bagged 3.4.1 release
  - removed the uploaded files from the cheeseshop as I don't have newer
    replacements immediately available.

The whole list of things that might be relevant here is:

- zope.securitypolicy
- zope.session, zope.app.session
- zope.app.authentication
- zope.app.i18n
- zope.i18nmessageid
- zope.app.applicationcontrol
- zope.app.appsetup

I'll go through those now and try to fix it up.

This is IMHO a good example why we shouldn't go for 'everyone can make a


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