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On Wednesday 26 September 2007 10:19, Christian Zagrodnick wrote:
there is a recursion problem with Pagelets and layout templates when
you don't register a template for the pagelet.

Yep, nasty, isn't it?

The problem is, that ILayoutTemplate is derived from IPageTemplate.
This is why the pagelet tries to render its contents with the layout

I'm not sure what to do about this.

Roger and I discussed this issue over the weekend and just have not had the
time to work it out.

a) Explicitly check that the template is *not* an ILayoutTemplate in

Good solution. :-)

b) make <z3c:template> use another interface which is also derived from
IPageTemplate and use the new interface in BrowserPagelet.render.

Also a good solution. :-)

I think both approaches are fine. Roger and I had decided on (b) when we
discussed it.

Ok. Would this break anything when <z3c:template> suddenly uses a different interface?

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