Marius Gedminas wrote:
Log message for revision 80145:
  Make the test pass on both Python 2.4 and 2.5.
Modified: z3c.form/trunk/src/z3c/form/action.txt
--- z3c.form/trunk/src/z3c/form/action.txt      2007-09-26 21:26:25 UTC (rev 
+++ z3c.form/trunk/src/z3c/form/action.txt      2007-09-26 21:49:09 UTC (rev 
@@ -236,4 +236,5 @@
   <ActionErrorOccurred for <Action 'cancel' u'Cancel'>>
>>> eventlog[-1].error
-  <ActionExecutionError wrapping <zope.interface.exceptions.Invalid ...>>
+  <ActionExecutionError wrapping ...Invalid...>

It's too bad that Exception's __repr__ changed in Python 2.5. The reason is that it's a new-style class now, which is actually a benefit at the same time.

Anyway, these ellipses are very ugly and confusing. I think they're okay-ish when you know exactly what they're supposed to stand for. In this case we can definitely do better.

When Nikhil N made all of zope.*'s tests pass on Python 2.5, he did a good job of using re-normalizers. I very much suggest doing the same thing here. I see you use a re-normalizer already for some messages, so I won't have to show you how to use it :).

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