Roger Ineichen wrote:
Can anybody tell me why we restrict our test setup in zope eggs and only use a subset of package for our test setup?

I don't know what you're asking, so I can't tell you why it is <wink>.

Why do we not use a Zope3 meta egg which contains all
our zope packages as a test base. This whould allow us to test the same we have in the zope3 trunk and let us run *buildout/test -s zope* from within each egg.

Perhaps because there isn't a Zope 3 meta egg.

what is the builbot doing right now? Does the builbot
still runs test on the trunk? Or does the buildbot test
the eggs?

It doesn't do much of value at all right now. The transition to individual projects per package has left it behind. There are good ideas to make the buildbot work with the new setup, now we need someone to implement them.
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