Roger Ineichen wrote:

> Yes you are right, that was the reason I didn't define the __init__ method
> in the interface. But I still think a IPagelet isn't a IContentProvider by
> default. Of corse another class can be defined as IContentProvider and
> IPagelet. Such a class whould then provide a different __init__ method
> then the pagelet does right now.

See my other response I wrote before I read this message of yours.

> Should we implement a z3c.form/z3c.pagelet package? There we could support
> z3c.form base classes built up on pagelets.
> Probably called z3c.formpagelet which contains IPageletForm,
> IPageletAddForm etc.

This would solve my use case but sounds like a lot of architecture, to be
honest. I think this is exactly what I hoped to avoid by pinning the
internal communication between pagelets and pagelet renderers down to
talking IContentProvider and thereby allowing pagelets to be used as
content providers from everywhere. See the "dead chicken" remark in my
first reply to you.


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