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Martijn Faassen wrote:
A release of zope.dottedname was made apparently today that refers to a CHANGES.txt but doesn't have one. Probable scenario: someone forgot to svn add a CHANGES.txt, then didn't check out before the tag before releasing...

Right. This is actually a *common* mistake. Not everybody believed me when I sad that it was. I think we've got proof of this once more now.

A couple of days ago I added some very explicit instructions on how you should make a release to my guide [1]. Basically it says you should *first* make a tag and only create the release *from the tag*. I hope that people will take this more seriously now.

I do,

It's not that I consider my guide to be a papal edict (I'm not Jim, after all),


It would help if you would split out the release making part so we can focus on that.

but it *is* based on experience and best practices. Having made releases for many Zope eggs (if you want proof, just look at [2]), I think I can safely say that I know my way around the pitfalls now.


That said, I welcome any suggestion that other people have while creating releases. We need to get better at this stuff!

Yup. See above about separating the release instructions.

One hole I see is giving people guidance on what needs to be tested (and how) before a release is made. My preference would be to rely heavily on judgement with a few checks so as not to make things too heavy. This might rule out some releasers.


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